Training at Tyr

On Saturday 5th of September, the Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace (LFPCP) proceeded in implementing its new project “Lebanese Youth Advocates”, through 1-day training in Tyr at the old Mamluk house. 
Around 30 activists were involved in this workshop which included two sessions: A morning session held by Mr. Simon Mouawad concerning the procedure of law making in the Parliament and the municipal council’s role and scope of work; and an afternoon session held by Ms. Randa Yassir on advocacy campaign.

During sessions, participants showed a great concern about how to possibly lobby nationally and locally. The legal frame given by Mr. Mouawad highlighted the tools and ways that can be used by any activist in order to familiarize the officials with a certain problem or issue. Alternatively, Ms. Randa Yassir helped the participants to learn the know-how and the right techniques for advocacy by making them work in groups planing an advocacy campaign.

At the end of the day, Tyr’s activists have decided to work altogether and to be the advocates of two projects:
1. Tyr’s public library: a local and international attractive place for the pioneers of culture.
2. Waste Management in Tyr for electricity production.